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New Term Veg

Its not only a new term for me at school (starting tomorrow) but a new season in London. Honestly, the past couple days have convinced me that weve skipped right over Spring and gone straight into Summer. Of course, as my Mum said to me earlier today, it might be back to Spring or even Winter in a couple days, so Im enjoying it while I can. Read more

Potato Pizza with Rosemary and Brie

Trends in my kitchen come and go. Sometimes Ill latch onto a particular recipe or ingredient and it will make weekly appearances, and sometimes old favourites will languish unused for months or even years. One thing that remains constant around here is that Friday night is Pizza Night. Read more

Bunches of Veg

Its almost Monday here in London, but I wanted to get this weeks Farmers Market post up before I went to sleep. This week is the one chance Ill have to be off before classes start up again in 8 days time, and I want to take full advantage of it. Some relaxing, some reading, some long walks and of course- lots of cooking. Read more

One for the fans: Spaghetti with Chickpeas

My blog has amassed a small collection of what I like to think of as Random Fans. These are people who have been passed a link by a friend or family member of mine (most likely my mother), and who, rather than commenting on my site, refer their praise back to their own original source. So I get a lot of emails like Your cousin made your chickpea salad and loved it and My friend Sarahs mom made those brownies last week- they were great!. Read more

The Best Way: Perfect Beans, Every Time

I have a feeling that after the last couple weeks of inactivity around here, this post will not be much of an olive branch. I can almost hear your indignation: You dont post for ages and now youre telling me how to cook chickpeas!? I know, its a sad state of affairs, isnt it? Despite me being legitimately busy over the past couple weeks (two terms of school down, one to go!), youd think I could come up with a recipe thats more interesting that boil water; wait. Read more

Cake Veg and Muffins

You might think from the title of this post that Ive been thinking a lot about sweets lately. Youd be right. Maybe its the stress of my end-of-term project deadline or just the is-it-or-isnt-it-Spring-yet weather weve been having lately, but regular food hasnt really been exciting me these days. Sweets are much more interesting, and always in season. Read more

The Best Reason: Simple Sardine Pasta

If you scanned the recipe page of this blog, you might be led to believe that I was vegetarian. But Im not, at least not technically. Though Ive been meat-free for almost three years now I do occasionally eat seafood, so the term pescetarian more accurately describes my eating practices. Generally though, I prefer to use the term vegetarian for a couple reasons- first of all, many people have no idea what a Pescetarian is, and secondly, its terribly pretentious-sounding, dont you think? Read more

A taste of spring: My Favourite Salsa

This morning, I happened to look up from my oodles of homework for a moment, and was blown away by what I saw out my window. A cloudless, blue sky! People wearing light jackets with bare heads and hands! For the second day in a row! That last point is the real clincher; here in London, one nice day is a fortunate anomaly. Two nice days means spring must be around the corner.


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