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Jet Lag Veg

juice and veg

Damn you, jet lag. Your mysterious hold over me made me miss out on lots of market goodies this morning. I’ll forgive you, but only if you promise to let me get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. Read more…

Farro Salad with Asparagus, Goat’s Cheese and Almonds

farro salad

Wow, two farro recipes in as many days. Not very adventurous of me, I’ll admit. Typical, though; I tend to get into “moods ruts” in my cooking, becoming obsessed with a particular ingredient and eating it for days on end until my interest wanes. Read more…

Shhh: Curry Fried Farro with Egg, Shrimp and Pancetta

fried farro bowls

I feel irrationally anxious about posting a recipe on this blog that contains meat. Now that I’ve announced to the world that I don’t eat it, you’d think I’d stand by that claim. To be fair though, I did say that my diet was largely vegetarian, not completely, and besides, I have a very good reason for this. Read more…

Back home: New York foodie highlights


picnic bread

Well, I’m home from a wonderful holiday to New York City, one of my favourite places in the world. I hung out with friends, shopped, and most importantly, ate well. While I won’t be writing a whole NYC foodie round-up (I’m not the type to whip out my camera in a restaurant and delay the actual eating, and besides, others I know do it better), I can let you in on a few highlights. Read more…

Kitchenist on holiday

In a few short hours I’ll be on a plane to New York City, where I’m going to spend a few days sightseeing, eating and shopping with some old friends. I won’t be posting while away, but will be back with the delicious stuff on Thursday, May 28th. 

ele x

Twisting a classic: Macaroni and Cheese with Green Onions, Chili and Coriander

mac and cheese

As I mentioned on Sunday, macaroni and cheese has got to be one of my favourite dishes of all time. Sure, I’ve graduated from the Kraft Dinner I loved as a kid (and, um, university student), and these days I’m more likely to experiment with making my own. But really, I’ll take it any way: stovetop, baked, from a package, homemade. I’ve never met a macaroni and cheese that I didn’t like, and I’ve met a lot. Read more…

Rainy Day Veg

rainy day veg

Look, let me explain. I’m off on holiday on Thursday, so I didn’t want to get too much at the market this week. Before I go away I like to clean out the fridge and the cupboards, so this week’s meals will be using a lot of pantry standbys. Read more…

Birthday Sticky Buns

sticky bun on plate

I had fully intended to blog about these sticky buns, which I made for Andrew’s birthday breakfast on Thursday, yesterday. Circumstances, however, colluded to work against me, and I wasn’t able to. See, Andrew and I woke up yesterday in a “home improvement” frame of mind. He’d taken the end of the week off work, and we had the brilliant idea to ask his parents if they’d mind taking us on a quick trip to Ikea, to pick up a few odds and ends we’d been thinking about getting for the flat. Read more…

How to mess with a good thing: Cauliflower and Pasta Gratin

cauliflower pasta gratin

Usually when people begin to mess around with perfectly good recipes, it’s with the admirable aim of improving them: making them quicker to prepare, healthier, or just plain tastier. Not me, though. I confess to sometimes messing for far stupider reasons- laziness, boredom, the fun of messing. Read more…

Sunday morning leftovers: Salmon, Asparagus and Dill Frittata

frittata on plate

To me, Sunday is the best day of the week to enjoy a leisurely brunch. Something about its lazy pace seems particularly suited to sitting down with good company, a mug of coffee and something delicious to eat. Back in my non-cooking university days, this ritual generally took the form of a meal at the pub around the corner from my apartment. My roommate and I would drag ourselves out of bed and make our way, boyfriends in tow, to where delicious homebaked muffins, unnaturally cheerful waiters and (on occasion) strong mimosas awaited us. Read more…