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A First Foray: Slightly Swirly Pumpkin Brownies

Swirly Pumpkin Brownies

A few weeks ago, after Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt’s house, I had my first taste of pumpkin pie. I know this will seem both unbelievable and incredibly sad to the pumpkin pie enthusiasts among you, but I can’t lie: until recently, I believed pumpkin was possibly the grossest thing one could put in a pie. Read more…

To Come Home to: Squash and Chickpea Curry with Naan

Squash with Chickpeas, Lemongrass and Coriander

There’s something about traveling that makes your own habits, culinary or otherwise, glaringly obvious. It’s only when you’re taken out of your day-to-day routine that odd quirks, individual preferences and (at times) OCD tendencies come to light. Read more…

Apologetic Veg

Peace veg

I admit it: I’ve been a lazy, lazy blogger these past few days. I offer you, my lovely readers, the above vegetables as a peace offering. Forgive me?

I returned from my North American adventure on Tuesday morning, with the best of intentions to jump straight back into the blogging game. Working against me, however, was a bad cold (am I the only one who routinely gets ill on long-haul flights?), jet lag, a refridgerator devoid of nutritients and a decided lack of culinary inspiration. Read more…

Kitchenist on holiday

I had hoped to get another recipe posted before I fly off on holiday tomorrow, but with all the running around I’ve been doing I haven’t even had a chance to eat, let alone write about food.

That will surely change tomorrow, though- I’m off for ten days of family, relaxation, and yes- wonderful food. (Though my Mum still can’t get her head around my vegetarianism- I have a feeling I’ll be doing rather of a lot of “picking the meat out” over the next few days.) My trip back home covers both Canadian Thanksgiving and a good friend’s wedding, so hopefully I’ll have some delicious stories to share when back in London on the 19th.

Until then, bon appétit!

ele x

Almost authentic: Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Corn

Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Corn

We’ve been eating a lot of scrambled eggs lately, both for weekend breakfasts and quick dinners during the week. While 2008 was definitely the Year of the Fried Egg around here, scrambled eggs have emerged as a late frontrunner in 2009. Who knows what next year will hold, but I don’t see our tastes changing anytime soon- they’re simply too delicious. Read more…

Pyramid Veg

Pyramid Veg

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with pyramids, but I sort of arranged the veg like that, no? Anyway, I’m having a great day so far. A brisk morning run followed by a trip to the farmer’s market made up my morning, and since then I’ve been puttering around the house cooking, listening to music, DIY-ing and planning. Planning because I’m off on holiday on Friday, and have a busy week ahead of me. Read more…

Never looked so good: Apricot-Cinnamon Porridge with Peaches and Crème Fraîche

Apricot-Cinnamon Porridge

Before I head out to the farmer’s market, I wanted to share this quick breakfast with you. I made this the other day, when there was almost nothing in the house in the way of food. Seriously- it was one of those days when you wake up inexplicably starving, yet there’s nary an egg, piece of bread or cup of cereal to be found. Read more…

A good fit: Cannellini Bean and Kale Soup

Cannellini Bean and Kale Soup

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon hemming a dress. You’d think that such a simple task wouldn’t take anywhere near that long, particularly when performed by someone who used to spend as much time sewing as I did. During university, I once sewed for approximately 48 hours straight without so much as a ten-minute nap, and I’m pretty sure I got more done than dress hems. (Possibly not, though; the lack of sleep means my memories of this time in my life are fuzzy at best.) Read more…

September round-up

Well, my favourite month of the year has come and gone, and the real Autumn is definitely upon us now. Before I usher in October I want to take the time to look back at the goings-on of the past month. Here’s what I was up to over the past four weeks. Read more…