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Pink and Green Veg

Pink and Green Veg

I’ve never been much of a pink girl, but combined with my favourite colour, shades of pink and purple just sing, don’t they? Luckily, veg are more than just pretty: these ones are set to make my week ahead delicious, too. Read more…

One for you, one for me: Mini Almond, Lemon and Semolina Cakes

Mini Almond, Lemon and Semolina Cakes

When you bake, who are you really baking for? You, your partner, kids, friends or co-workers? It has to go beyond your own enjoyment- unless you’re the type who can polish off a triple-layer cake in one sitting (and if you are, my respect and condolences). Read more…

Ways with Bread: Leek Rarebit

Leek Rarebit

You’ve probably all heard of Welsh rabbit/rarebit, the delicious late-night snack and lunch dish so beloved of the British Isles. It’s a simple idea, really: take some toasted bread and top with a mixture of egg yolks and cheese (often with flavourings like chili, Worcestershire sauce or ale), and put the whole thing under the broiler until bubbly and delicious. Apply to mouth. Read more…

Version 2.0: Milk & Honey Bread

Milk & Honey Bread

Back at the beginning of January, I wrote about my foodie resolution for 2010, to bake more bread. A resolution made with the best of intentions, borne of visions of wholesome, proud loaves emerging from my kitchen one after another. Not to mention the great arms I was going to have (you know, from all the kneading). Read more…

(Not Quite) Spring Veg

(Not Quite) Spring Veg

Yesterday was one of those rare winter days that reminds me what I love about England- the springtime. Granted, it’s still a good few months away, but its promise was in the air yesterday, fresh and mild and with a certain undeniable excitement. On the way to the farmer’s market I noticed a) a woman wearing a short dress with bare legs (brave), b) more than the usual number of casual smokers hanging around outside (very brave, considering), and c) a plethora of small children who, for once, did not resemble miniature Michelin men. Read more…

Guest Post at The Beat That My Heart Skipped: Vegetable Pot Pie with Dumplings

Vegetable Pot Pie with Dumplings

Psst, you- in need of a recipe to chase away the January blues? Well, you haven’t exactly come to the right place, but I can direct you there. I’ve a second guest post up at The Beat That My Heart Skipped, the fab new UK design and lifestyle blog. This time it’s a seasonal Veggie Pot Pie with Dumplings on the menu- perfect for warming you up during these dreary days. I’d love for you to check it out and leave me a comment over there!

A Simple Feast: Lentil Gratin

Lentil Gratin

I want to start this post with a great big Thank You to everyone who left a comment on this post last week. On Wednesday I flew home to Canada for my grandmother’s funeral, and spent the past week visiting with family and friends. Though I’m feeling okay and trying to present an upbeat front, dealing with death is never easy, and your words of support helped more than I can say. Read more…

Veg Hiatus

Hello, all! Just a quick note to let you know that I’m on a blogging break until the middle of next week, which applies to all my blogs. The passing of my 97-year-old grandmother means that now is a time for family and friends rather than food (though I’m sure there’ll be a lot of that, too). Not to worry, though- I am doing fine and looking forward to getting back in the kitchen next week!

ele x

Few Frozen Veg

Frozen Veg

I’m clearly not the only Londoner being affected by the freezing weather and snowfall of late. Yesterday’s market was virtually empty: many stallholders couldn’t make it, and those that did has slim pickings on offer. Apparently, the UK’s farmers are having difficulty harvesting their crops in the freezing temperatures, and it showed. Read more…

Cookies for the cold: Red Hot Gingernuts

Red Hot Gingernuts

It’s been cold in the UK this winter. Cold and snowy- two things the Brits are definitely not used to. Up and down the country roads are blocked, schools are closed and trains aren’t running. People are turning up the heat, bulk-buying at the grocery store and generally indulging in a spot of controlled panic. This Canadian is viewing it all with detached bemusement, but I can’t say the Dickensian weather isn’t affecting me; it’s influencing what I cook, after all. Read more…