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A packet of escape: Curried Parsnip and Potato Pasties

Curried Parsnip and Potato Pasties

Several years ago, I went on holiday with my family to the furthest reaches of Cornwall. We stayed in a 200-year-old farmhouse just steps from the sea, rode around on open-topped buses, trekked the coastal path for hours on end, and discovered cultural and archaeological gems at every turn. What else? Oh yeah- we ate. Read more…

Veg Ennui

Veg Ennui

Perhaps working with food is putting me off actually buying it. Or writing about it. (So far, it’s not put me off eating it.) Or perhaps yesterday was just one of “those days”, when the market’s wares were less than inspiring, and I was less than thrilled with the prospect of my usual shopping/posting/cooking schedule. Read more…

Match made: Celeriac and Apple Soup

Celeriac and Apple Soup

Some flavours just seem to go together, to the point where they’ve become almost married in our minds, and it seems odd to have one without the other. Beetroot and goat’s cheese, butternut squash and sage, basil and tomato, salt and pepper. Ok, that last example might be taking things a bit too far, but you get the picture- sometimes, ingredients just seem made for one another. Read more…

Adventures in Preserving: Homemade Tomato Ketchup

Homemade Ketchup

Two weekends ago, I was overcome by the sudden and previously foreign urge to make ketchup. I’m not sure exactly where it came from; it can’t have been the thought of barbecues and picnics, it being February. Or maybe it was- an effort to recapture a bit of summer amidst the cold and damp of winter? Whatever the reason, I had my weekend project, and set out on my first-ever preserving adventure. Read more…

Heart of Veg

Heart of Veg

I know it’s not the prettiest Valentine’s Day heart around, but considering the random and misshapen assortment of vegetables I had to work with, I think it’s pretty cute. Read more…

Table for two: Red Onion, Kale and Cheese Strata


Last month, I did something extremely (some might say uncharacteristically) clever: I bought a small glass Pyrex dish. Nothing fancy or all that pretty (it was only £2 at Sainsbury’s after all) but as it turns out, that little dish was an awesome buy. Read more…

A Day Under the Weather: Lazy Loaf

Lazy Loaf

First off, let me preface this post by making a number of excuses, of the type that my boyfriend warned me never to engage in when I first started this blog. (“Your readers aren’t interested in why you posted late, or not at all- don’t apologise!”) See, I felt fine on Sunday night. Just fine- I’d gone to the farmer’s market, made and bottled some homemade ketchup, re-read the third Harry Potter book for approximately the 8th time in my life, and been over to my sister’s for cake. Read more…

Free Day Veg

Free Day Veg

One of the good things about my new job (besides the delicious food and regular money, of course) is how it forces me appreciate my days off from it. I woke up this morning in a great mood, happy to have a day to cook, read and putter around, just as I saw fit. Read more…

A working lunch: Beet, J-Choke and Clementine Salad

Beet, J-Choke and Clementine Salad

Recently, I started a new part-time job. From now on I’ll be working 3-4 days a week at a local traiteur/caterer’s just around the corner from me. After nearly three years of shopping at this place and getting inspiration from their food, it only makes sense that I’m now working there. I think it’s likely that this blog set me apart from other applicants, too. You asked for foodies? I can give you that. Read more…

Not that kind: Banana Bread

Banana Bread

Of all the misnomers in this world, the one that infuriates me the most is banana bread. I love the stuff (could eat my sister’s all day long), but let’s face it- this is a very poorly monikered treat. Nine times out of ten, the “bread” in question is actually a cake; there’s oil or butter, vanilla extract, eggs- not to mention the requisite cup or so of sugar. For heaven’s sake, there are sometimes chocolate chips involved. Read more…