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For a Journey: Triple Threat Chocolate Cookies

Triple Threat Chocolate Cookies

Sometimes, only chocolate will do.

Though I’ve never been as enamoured of chocolate as some, this was my thinking last Friday. Andrew and I were going away for the weekend to visit his newly-relocated parents, and I was having some difficulty coming up with a train-friendly meal for us. The nearly four hour trip up north, combined with the time frame (after work) and horrible train food made a gourmet, mobile picnic necessary. Read more…

(An Affront to) Good Taste: Long-Cooked Broccoli with Buttermilk

Long-Cooked Broccoli with Buttermilk

As with anything, trends in the food world come and go. Some are short-lived (cake pops, anyone?), some a little more tenacious (sigh- cupcakes) and some become broader movements that are difficult to define until we’re past them. So, what movement are we in now? I don’t profess to be an expert at this stuff, but I believe we’re currently in an age of under-cooking. Read more…

Tit for tat: Polenta Pizza for One

Polenta Pizza

I was all set to post a different polenta recipe today, one I made last week but in the midst of a busy couple days hadn’t managed to write about yet. But this morning I wandered on over to a favourite blog of mine, and a pleasant surprise changed my plans. Read more…

First Spring Veg

First Spring Veg

Apparently, yesterday was the official start of Spring in the Northern hemisphere. Based on the weather in London today, I can believe it. The sun was shining brightly and the streets of my village were crowded with shoppers on their way from the farmer’s market, enjoying food, drink and company. Unfortunately yours truly was working, and instead of going to the market was was serving the aforementioned food and drink in the company of my colleagues. Read more…

Vaguely Irish: Buttermilk and Currant Biscones

Buttermilk and Currant Biscones

Let me preface this post by saying that I have nothing whatsoever against Ireland, the Irish people, or anything related to either. I myself am an entire eighth Irish, after all. (Can I get a Guinness with that?) But I just don’t understand the widespread appeal of St. Patrick’s Day. Despite its name, this is really a day about a country, not a fifth century saint. And what other nation is afforded the honour of having its culture celebrated the world over, with festivals and parades and general drunken merriment? To be perfectly honest, it just don’t seem fair. Read more…

Lots o’ Leaves Veg

Lots o' Leaves Veg

After missing my farmer’s market trip for the past two weeks, I was itching to get going yesterday morning. Either the market has become exponentially more popular over the past two weeks, or I’m not used to shopping there so early, but it was packed. I had to queue at nearly every stall, but with the sun shining and produce to buy, I have to say that it didn’t bother me much. Read more…

Fiddle dee dee: Coconut-Braised Sprouts with Cannellini Beans

Coconut-braised Sprouts with Cannellini Beans

Are you a fiddler? Because I definitely am. No, I’m not coming clean about my ADD or professing some kind of musical gift, rather I’m talking about recipe fiddling. That insatiable urge to tamper, alter or tweak a new recipe into submission, before you’ve even got a chance to know each other. I hear that there are people out there who don’t do this. Have read that some cooks like to make a dish as written, particularly on a first attempt. Are you one of these people? If so, please speak up, because I’m longing to know how on earth you do it. Read more…

Boy Bought Veg

Boy Bought Veg

Nope, the assortment of produce above wasn’t purchased by me. This is the second week in a row that I haven’t been able to get to the market, and I’m starting to feel the pangs of withdrawal. This time, it was work; I don’t generally do Sundays but was called upon this week. Luckily Andrew went to the market in my stead, following my shopping list (lower left) to the letter. Read more…

Hoard-worthy: Brown Sugar Biscuits with Chocolate, Toffee and Sea Salt

Brown Sugar Biscuits with Chocolate, Toffee and Sea Salt

In my experience, there are two kinds of people: the shedders and the hoarders. Shedders like to live simply and modestly. Too many possessions weigh them down, and spring cleaning is like Christmas come early to them. Hoarders, on the other hand like to be prepared, and can often be heard uttering the phrase “But I might need this some day”. Read more…

Crumbs on crack: Roast Veg with Nutty, Spicy Pangrattato

 Roast Veg with Nutty, Spicy Pangrattato

Let’s face it: there are not that many ways to make a veggie side interesting. One of the reasons I tend to be a one-dish-meal kind of girl (you know, besides being lazy) is the tricky matter of making a great side dish. Not only does it have to be interesting on its own, but it must also complement whatever the main dish is: a tall order for some humble veggies, no? Read more…