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The Mother of Invention: Muffin-cup Frittatas with Pasta, Feta and Mint

Muffin-cup frittatas with pasta, feta and mint

They do say that necessity is the mother of invention, and though I can’t quite claim to have invented muffin-cup frittatas (it seems that, oh, 90,000-odd people thought of it first), I’d say the phrase definitely rings true here. Read more…

A different shade of green: Lime Coconut Yogurt Cake

Lime Coconut Yogurt Cake

There was no farmer’s market around here yesterday; cancelled due to the 30th annual London Marathon. Usually, I welcome this once-yearly break from the norm and watch the festivities from my living room windows. But this year I slept through the whole thing, and didn’t even have the possibility of fresh veg to cheer me up after. Read more…

A First Time for Everything: Asian Peanut Slaw

Asian Peanut Slaw

My Mum has a saying, one which should bring comfort to frustrated parents everywhere: “Picky eaters are just good cooks in the making”. Though this hasn’t been scientifically proven, it’s definitely proved accurate in the case of me and my sister, and indeed most of our cousins, too. Read more…

Swing Veg

Swing Veg

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things over here, after my internet hiatus of late. The last couple weeks have been full to bursting with work, soul-searching and even a little visit from family. I did manage to get to the farmer’s market on Sunday though, and bought some sustenance for the week ahead. Yes, that makes this post three days late, but to be honest, with everything that’s been going on here lately, I’m impressed I’ve even managed that. Read more…

All I Have to Offer: Citrus and Almond Breakfast Buns

Citrus and Almond Breakfast Buns

My friends, it’s been too long. Nearly ten days with no recipes for you, and no farmer’s market visit for me. Frankly, I don’t have a great excuse for my absence. A dash of illness, a sprinkle of work, a smattering of melancholy and a good dose of culinary disinterest affected both my time and inclination to blog. Read more…

Reluctant Easter Veg

Reluctant Easter Veg

Happy Easter! I hope your day has been better than mine- I’m feeling a little er, fragile today. I’m not sure whether it was something I ate or a wee bout of flu, but I spent a good chunk of last night running back and forth to the washroom, sick to my stomach. As a result food has been pretty far from my mind today, making me a rather reluctant visitor to the farmer’s market. Read more…

For haters: Chickpea and Feta Salad

Chickpea and Feta Salad

You know, it’s funny. For most of my life thus far, I’ve professed to be a hater of salads. I know, it’s difficult to imagine hating something as innocuous and unassuming as a salad. It wasn’t a passionate hatred; I’ve always happily munched of lettuce and veg (no dressing, please) after dinner with the rest of my family. But as something to spend time making? As something to get excited about? As something to actually pay for in a restaurant? Please, I had better things to eat. Read more…

March round-up

The dawn of April brings not only a new month, but a new year of blogging for me. I started writing here toward the end of March 2009, and accidentally missed my one-year “blogiversary” last week. I’ve got some big ideas and plans for the next 12 months of the Kitchenist Network, but until then, here’s what went on in March. Read more…