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A couple random veg


Well, if I went a bit overboard at the market last week, then I played it extra safe today. I have a friend arriving in a few days’ time, and I’m not sure how much cooking we’ll get up to this week. I guess we’ll buy more groceries as and when we need them, rather than have things sitting unused in the fridge. 

Having said that, I have no cooking plans in place at all for the coming week. I bought the broccoli because I figured that everyone likes broccoli (right?), and the cabbage for the simple reason that it looked nice. The organic chili peppers were chosen more for their cuteness factor than for any particular recipe. I suppose they indicate that we’re having something spicy, though… so, a Thai curry? Tomatoes and onions are always good to have around, and the carrots… I have no idea. 

Sorry for the lame post, but that’s how it is. Some days I shop with a plan, and some days I wander the market in a sort of foreign daze, picking up and buying random things with no rhyme or reason. Today was definitely one of the latter: let’s hope the rest of my week is slightly more coherent.


  1. MH says:

    Sometimes your veg haul is so cute it doesn’t even look real! Those peppers are adorable and those carrots look like chubby fingers! Hee.

  2. THB says:

    A famous quote from President George Bush, Snr. after his wife Barbara tried to change his eating habits:

    “I don’t have to eat broccoli. I’m the President.”