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Well, it’s Sunday again, and the end of a week that was sorely lacking in home-cooked food. Full of other things, of course- fun, friends, sightseeing- but I definitely didn’t make much time for my favourite task. My poor blog suffered as a result, but I’m ready to move on with a week full o’ food.

With the cauliflower (and the leftover cabbage from last week), I’m planning on making a favourite baked pasta: Cabbage and Cauliflower Cannelloni. In truth, it’s Andrew’s favourite, but I like it too. Loaded with vegetables, cheese and two delicious sauces, it’s a real crowd-pleaser, so look out for the recipe later this week.

I’ll likely roast the tomatoes somehow, either with shrimp or in some other way. The onions will caramelized and paired with lentils; I love Ottolenghi’s Mejadarah and think a somewhat Westernised version of the pairing would be fun to try. I’m thinking some goat’s cheese, fresh herbs, and… walnuts? We’ll see.

We picked up the Greek Basil plant because we go through the stuff at an incredible rate. I don’t know how long this little guy can truly last in our kitchen, with all the pizzas and pastas we eat, but we’ll see. It sure brightens up the table!

This is the first time I’ve bought fresh peas this year, and I’m not exactly sure what to do with them. I didn’t buy enough to really make a pea-centric meal, so they’ll have to play second fiddle to something else. Pasta? A salad? Let me know if you have ideas.

What are you cooking this week?


  1. Cherry says:

    What to do with the peas? If they are those lovely sweet sugarsnap ones, I just crunch them up as they are! Great for snacking when you are feeling peckish. ;-)