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For once, I have an iron-clad excuse for the tardiness of this post. Yesterday was my 27th birthday, and after buying this lot at the farmer’s market, I thought I’d rather go out for lunch, catch a design exhibition in London and generally relax than deal with photo editing and writing. Sorry.

You might find it surprising that I went to the market at all on my birthday, but if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you really shouldn’t. I do love my veggies, and having Andrew accompany me to the market was an extra incentive. As usual when we shop a deux, we bought rather a lot, and this is only a portion of the haul. I guess I’ll be kicking off my 27th year with a lot of cooking.

First thing I’ll be cooking is a autumnal version of my Stromboli; wouldn’t it be delicious with butternut squash, sage, onions and goat cheese? I’m also looking forward to trying Jamie Oliver’s Mexican corn on the cob, which will make a nice change from the butter-and-sea-salt variety. Oh, and the teeny tiny aubergines- I just couldn’t resist. I want to try something a little different with them, perhaps this Aubergine and Peanut stir-fry.

In case you’re wondering, that vintage baking tin was a gift from my sister, and I’m betting it was part of this haul. The fall foliage card was from my sweetie, and makes me think of all the Autumn gorgeousness (both edible and not) yet to come.

How was your weekend, and what’s cooking this week?


  1. fresh365 says:

    Happy 27th!! Hope you had a wonderful day! I just checked out that Stromboli recipe and it looks awesome. mmmm!

  2. Halyna says:

    Happy Birthday, Ele! It was my birthday yesterday too! Sounds like you had a great day. Deciding which of your new recipes to try first. Truly enjoy reading your blog and trying the recipes.

  3. Katie says:

    Hi Ele,
    I made Jamie Oliver’s Mexican corn recipe for a BBQ a few months ago. It was highly touted by all. Enjoy!

  4. heather says:

    being able to go to a good farmers market on my birthday would be present enough! but that IS quite the haul you’ve got here. i’m imagining, and now craving, the autumnal stromboli. made something similar once before and it was indeed memorable. did your sister pick up the tin at an antique store? love it.

    cheers and all the best for your birthday week,


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