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It was a truly lovely morning in London, and the shoppers were out in force at the market. I didn’t go with any particular shopping list in mind, but had no problem finding things to whet my appetite.

The light rye bread, from Flour Power City Bakery, is almost all gone already- Andrew and I polished off more than half of it for our breakfast this morning. It was delicious, and left me wondering why we don’t buy fresh bread from the market more often. (Actually, I know why. Embarrassingly, it’s the absence of a good bread knife in our kitchen- I actually snapped a butter knife in half cutting this!)

With the Swiss Chard, I’ll likely make this soup, which I found via the Super Natural Recipes search engine. I might sub chickpeas for some of the beans and cut back on the garlic slightly, but it looks delicious. 

The purple and romanescu cauliflowers could end up roasted together; I always love a spicy, Indian-style dish. Then again, this gratin and this pasta both look fantastic, too. The cucumber will be for salads and snacking, and the green onion for any number of dishes. 

Any interesting cooking plans for the week ahead?