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The thing with the farmer’s market is you never know what you will, or won’t, find. Some stall-holders are there every week, while some come infrequently. The items on your shopping list might be there in abundance, or they could be nowhere to be found. I always go with a plan of sorts, but often am forced to reevaluate. 

It was almost unbearably hot when I went to the market earlier- too hot for shopping, that’s for sure. I was on the lookout for fresh leafy greens, but all the lettuce on display seemed wilted under the intense heat. So, I opted to change tack and fill my brown paper bags with some other stuff, instead.

The bag of chestnut mushrooms will soon be gone- I’ll be using them, along with that red chili pepper, in one of my favourite egg-based meals, Madhur Jaffrey’s Garlicky Mushroom Masala Omelette. From her book Quick & Easy Indian Cooking, it’s delicious, comforting and equally suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

I also bought some organic green beans, which was new for me. I love ‘em, but being more of a “one-dish meal” girl, I’m always unsure of how to use them. Growing up I ate a lot of green bean sides, which were inevitably delicious and boring in equal measure. Any ideas on how to use these is something a bit more exciting and filling?

I have no real plans for the celery, which isn’t surprising. I’ve always wondered why they don’t sell celery by the stick, rather than the head. I usually buy it for a mirepoix, soup or stock, and find it hard to believe that anyone actually uses a whole head of it in one go. But if you have any ideas for using it up, by all means send them my way. (Failing that, I might just eat a whole bunch of Ants on a Log.)

The little paper tray of cherry tomatoes will become Moonblushed; I’ve been wanting to try Nigella‘s method of drying tomatoes for a while now, and the result will be fantastic in salads through the course of the week. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve got cupcakes to make. What about you?

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