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My market shop was a quick one this morning, since I had to squeeze it in before a brunch date. My sister, who moved away from London last year, was in back in town last night for a birthday party. She didn’t stay the night with us (for some reason, she felt a friend’s spare bed might be more comfortable than our cold, hard living room floor) but join Andrew and me this morning at a favourite local restaurant. So I was lucky enough to kick off my morning with some sisterly affection and some waffles- so far, so good.

I didn’t buy too much at the market, but just enough to keep me inspired this week. The Crown Prince squash will likely go into a soup of some sort, or maybe a tasty curry. The bunch of rosemary is for a very simple bean recipe I hope to make (and share) later in the week. I’ve also been craving mashed potatoes lately, so the jerusalem artichokes will probably end up in a slightly fancier take on the dish. Obviously, I’ve got to serve this on the side of something, so any suggestions are welcome!

What’s happening in your kitchen this week?


  1. Hilary says:

    Is that vaccuum-packed squash? New product at the market?

  2. Clare says:

    Jerusalem artichokes are divine, aren’t they? I think mashed potatoes are great on the side of something with pulses. Maybe something with red split peas? Or something like this
    Happy cooking!