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It’s almost Monday here in London, but I wanted to get this week’s Farmer’s Market post up before I went to sleep. This week is the one chance I’ll have to be “off” before classes start up again in 8 days time, and I want to take full advantage of it. Some relaxing, some reading, some long walks and of course- lots of cooking.

I started planning for that last one at the market this morning, where I got all those veggie bunches you see above. The purple sprouting broccoli was looking so lovely that I couldn’t resist it; I’ll probably roast it in the oven or throw it on a pizza. Parsley and herbs are of course not really veg in the “make of meal of me” sense, but you can bet I’ll be making use of them, too. I’ve already used some of the rosemary on a tasty flatbread, to be posted on Tuesday.

The Santa grape tomatoes are what I’m really looking forward to using, since I love their flavour at this time of year. I’ve been craving some tasty Baked Feta lately, so I might prepare them with that, and serve over a salad. Also on my recipe radar this week are The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Bread, this Farro “Risotto” from 101 Cookbooks, and these Carrot Cupcakes from The Wednesday Chef. Too bad I didn’t buy any carrots this week!

What are you looking forward to cooking this week?


  1. Ruth says:

    This farmer’s market haul looks amazing. I look forward to what you’ll make from it. I stumboled across your blog a while ago and I’ve only just realised you too are in the UK. Yay! :-)

  2. Charles says:

    Aaah, farmer’s markets! How I miss these about where I live in France. I’m always jealous of my mother when she’s telling me about the market in my home town. That broccoli you have looks awesome too!

  3. It was the punchy red tomatoes that drew me in. Their shiny skins are beautiful!