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Busy Day Veg

Busy Day Veg

I’m sitting here with a much-deserved cup of tea, recovering from a very busy day.

Up by 8:45, I was out buying coffee and croissants by 9:45, and over at my sister‘s by 10:30. Today we tag-teamed our Christmas Stollen, an annual sisterly tradition for the past four or five years. If you’ve ever made Stollen before, you’ll know that it can be quite an undertaking. Luckily, between all the mixings, kneadings and risings, I managed to find time to nip out to the market, too.

I didn’t buy much this week; Andrew and I are off to visit his family on Thursday, so don’t really need to worry about too many dinners this week. A giant leek will make a make a nice warming risotto one night, and a stalk of mini Brussels sprouts will be delicious baked in a gratin dish, covered with cheese and breadcrumbs. The eggs and bread will make some warming winter breakfasts, and the Romanescu might go into a favourite pasta dish.

To be honest, I’m unlikely to post any of those recipes this week. Prepare yourself, my friends, for an onslaught of sweet treats instead! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the recipe for homemade candied peel that goes into the aforementioned Stollen (so much better than anything store-bought, I promise), and later in the week I’ll be posting my favourite Christmas cookie recipe, another family tradition.

What about all of you- are you as busy as I am these days, or do you enjoy the holidays at a more leisurely pace? What’s cooking in your kitchen?


  1. MH says:

    I’m busy but not with cooking! Yesterday I finished my shopping and today is wrapping inside whilst admiring last nights (first) snowfall. I AM doing all this while eating a pain au chocolate from Balthazar. Does that count?

  2. Sara says:

    wish i was cooking ;( seems like every single night this week there is some sort of family party, eng. party, goodbye dinner etc etc…. all other ppl. or restaurant cooking. dissapointing. Enjoy your holiday!