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Croissant and Veg

Croissant and Veg

I’m writing this rather late in the day, post-dinner and pre-bedtime. This morning’s trip to the farmer’s market seems like years ago; since then I’ve been busy catching up with family, sewing, running errands and (of course) cooking. Luckily, I brought home a delicious haul, one that will hopefully keep me going for the next week.

The croissants and eggs are for a favourite pudding of ours, from Nigella Lawson. Allowed to stale slightly and then baked in a caramel custard, they go straight from delicious morning treat to transcendent experience. This is Andrew’s favourite dessert and we only have it when the weather gets cold- bad weather certainly has its compensations!

Isn’t it funny how similar those Brussels sprouts look to the cabbage? I clearly wasn’t thinking of variety when I picked up that selection. With the former, I may try this recipe for Balsamic Braised Brussels with Pancetta (minus the pancetta) from Smitten Kitchen. The latter will be delicious with some fermented black beans, a favourite recipe I’ve made for years. I’m actually out of the beans at the moment, but if I can track some down in London, I’ll share the recipe later this week.

The carrots and parsnips are because it’s becoming frrrreeezing in our little flat, and that means warming winter dishes- ie, roasted veg- are in order. I’ll likely throw in some shallots and roast these with rosemary and maple syrup- just perfect for keeping the chills at bay.

What about you? Is it getting colder where you are, and if so- what are you cooking to keep you warm?


  1. Vicki Randle says:

    I made a lovely sweet potato soup today that you serve with creme fraiche and buttered pecans….just the thing for a crisp pre-winter day. Yummy!

  2. MH says:

    want. bread. pudding. now!

  3. Ele says:

    Vicki- Oh, that sounds wonderful. I’ve been loving sweet potatoes lately, and a soup with them sounds perfect. Nigella Lawson has a sweet potato/butternut squash soup that I’ve been eyeing.

    MH- Oh, it was yummy :)

  4. tijoe says:

    Remember your promess???? No more butternut for this season…. ;-)

  5. Edd says:

    That bread pudding sounds divine but its caramel and croissants so its going to be good. As the weathers terrible here at the moment and we have a weekend of christmas cake making ahead I think im going to make an apple and parsnip soup to warm us up over the weekend

  6. Vicki Randle says:

    The sweet potato soup recipe is found at It was a great success at my ladies luncheon this week.

  7. Ele says:

    tijoe- That was last season! This season the promise is for pumpkin, so I’m in the clear!

    Edd- It’s a great pudding, but oh so rich! Your soup sounds great- I’ve never had one with apple before.

    Vicki- Thanks, I’ll check it out :)