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Divided Veg

Dividing Veg

Truthfully, I don’t have any plans to “divide” this veg (it’s all for me, so back off) but the arrangement did remind me a little of grade 5 math class. On second thoughts, I did buy a lot of food yesterday (it was one of those days when everything at the market looked delicious) so maybe some dividing might be in order. At least between Andrew and me.

I’ve got a couple different recipes planned this week. The cabbage, carrot and spring onions are destined for a Thai noodle salad- something Phad Thai-esque. No sources yet for a recipe, so it’ll likely be a try-and-see affair. Who knows, I may throw in some of those radishes for extra crunch, too.

The little broccoli and the cauliflower (hiding under its leaves bottom right) were dinner last night- I made a variation on my favourite cannelloni recipe. The eggs are also half used up; a meal of soft-scrambled eggs was just the thing for a post-market breakfast yesterday.

I’m not sure why I went for a baguette this week, perhaps I was feeling particularly French yesterday. In any case, it will go well with the asparagus soup I plan to make for lunch one day soon.

What are your cooking plans for the week?