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Every Which Veg

I’m a day late with my veggie post this week because, until a few hours ago, there wasn’t much veg to show you. I was working yesterday and couldn’t make it to the market myself, but sent my manservant (er, boyfriend) instead. Unfortunately he arrived a tad late (just as the stall-holders were closing up), so little of what you see there is actually from the market. But no matter: I supplemented our meagre haul with a trip to the grocery store today, to ensure adequate veg for the week ahead.

Those chunky leeks are a bit strong-tasting for dishes like Leek Rarebit, but they’ll be perfect in a Leek and Potato Soup. I might whip (whiz?) one up, or else consider a gratin; the weather has turned unseasonably chilly here in London.

For the cauliflower, just peeking out from its thick coat of leaves, I’m thinking roasted. On a bed of chickpeas or couscous, with some greens to bring flavour and tomatoes for colour, it’ll be tasty indeed. This will be a slap-dash, anything-goes kind of meal, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

The long-stemmed broccoli and the asparagus look lovely, don’t they? So crisp and green, pointing every which way. I’m considering a risotto for the asparagus; my Mum mentioned in a phone call that she was making one, and this recipe from Jamie Oliver does seem suited to the season. The broccoli is calling out for a salad, though- I’m thinking something fresh and spring-like. Any ideas?

What are you cooking this week? Got any new recipes to share?


  1. My favorite way to eat broccoli in a salad is to cut it into bite-sized bits (stems included!), cook it ever-so-slightly (steaming or boiling for just a few minutes is usually my M.O.), mostly just to get it warm. Then toss it with spinach and goat cheese. The goat cheese will melt over everything from the heat of the broccoli, and OMG it’s so delicious. Definitely my favorite spring lunch I’ve made this season. I also like to mix it up with some orzo for dinner.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Your veggies always look so beautiful!

    I made a recipe from the Hay Day Country Market cookbook last week-it’s a pasta dish with creme fraiche, lemon, and chicken broth in the sauce, as well as sugar snap peas and spinach. Let me know if you’d like the recipe-it was very tasty. I also made a italian chicken with orzo dish in a skillet on Sunday-it was very easy.