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Farmer’s Market Sunday

market haul

Gorgeous, aren’t they? I took this photo immediately on getting in from the market yesterday. It was a bright, warm day in London, full of the promise of spring- a promise that this morning (dull and grey) promptly broke. Oh, well- you can’t have everything. What you can have, however, is vegetables- and lots of them!

Sunday is Farmer’s Market Day. I visit my local London Farmer’s Market every week, and I always leave with delicious and inspiring produce in my (reusable, cloth) bag. I thought, then, that I should start my blog as I start my week: to head out to the market and see what catches my eye, then get home and plan some meals. This week I’ll be testing recipes from some future Kitchlit review books, as well as making some old favourites. 

So what, specifically, am I going to do with this beautiful bounty? Well, that butternut squash is destined for some muffins, and the savoy cabbage for a rustic bread soup. The celery and carrots will probably end their lives as a mirepoix for something or other, and the eggs will be used for a variety of delicious goodies, from creamy pasta sauces to baking to breakfast. Not sure what I’m going to do with the jerusalem artichokes, but I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Ele says:

    Test comment for layout…

  2. MH says:

    Is that what those things are? Jerusalem artichokes? They look potato-turnip-y! I think I need a post on these soon, you’ve piqued my interest!