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Few Frozen Veg

Frozen Veg

I’m clearly not the only Londoner being affected by the freezing weather and snowfall of late. Yesterday’s market was virtually empty: many stallholders couldn’t make it, and those that did has slim pickings on offer. Apparently, the UK’s farmers are having difficulty harvesting their crops in the freezing temperatures, and it showed.

Thankfully, my regular farmers were there, but most of their produce wasn’t. There were loads of carrots, a few potatoes, some jerusalem artichokes and a frozen cauliflower or two, but nary a leafy green in sight. You make do with what you’re given though; I guess it’s more baked potatoes, roasted veg and soup for me this week.

As you can see, the bakery stall did make it, as did the egg guy. The best thing you can do in this weather is bake, and I plan to put those eggs to good use. I’ve already whipped up this French Yogurt Cake from my sister’s blog with some of them. The bread will become toast, breadcrumbs, or maybe even a strata, if I can get my hands on some greens.

The daffodils were just to cheer me up; hopefully they’ll bloom soon and drive this miserable weather far, far away.

How’s your week tasting so far?


  1. carolyn says:

    Your photos are really lovely. I love the organization and use of space.

  2. Ele says:

    Carolyn- Thank you! The weekly veg photos are among my favourite things to do for the blog- I just love arranging them!