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Free and Clear Veg

I had meant to post more than just one recipe this week, but I’ve been plagued by computer troubles over the last several days. A problem with our landline left Andrew and me without phone or broadband for several days. Though eventually resolved, it then appeared that my sites had been affected by the recent Media Temple/Wordpress malware issue, which involved an evening of updates, code scanning and virus checking on our part.

But it seems that, for the moment at least (knock on wood), I’m free and clear of computer issues. Good thing too, because I’ve got some big cooking plans for the week ahead. See those peas, broad beans and green onions above? I’ve been dreaming of a summer quiche containing loads of good green stuff, and it seems like this is the week to make it a reality.

Also on my mind, a rustic and tasty strawberry galette. I’ve got a few ideas in mind to make mine a bit special, so come back later in the week if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat.

Also on my radar, Nigel Slater’s Roast Tomatoes with Thyme and Goat’s Cheese, and Not Without Salt’s Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting (via The Kitchn). I’m thinking the former will make a great lunch one day this week, and the latter a delicious dessert (and one that forces me to finally try making my own marshmallows).

What are you planning on cooking this week?