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Late start veg

late start veg

Tell me if this ever happens to you: Your alarm sounds in the morning, only to be shut off in a half-asleep daze. Hours later, you awake without the help of an alarm, and thinking it’s still early, laze around for 30 minutes, silently congratulating yourself on what an early riser you are, and planning what you’ll do with all the “extra” time you now have. That’s what happened to me this morning; at 10:42 I was convinced it was only a quarter past eight, and quite unhappy to be told otherwise by my clock. Luckily, the late start didn’t affect my day too much. I made it to the market, and scored some lovely veg for the week ahead. 

The white cauliflower will probably be dinner tonight, most likely in this favourite recipe. The purple one I bought because I was so inspired by Sophie‘s post about them the other day. I’m not sure I’ll be making her recipe exactly, but a warm salad of steamed purple cauliflower and cannellini beans sounds good, doesn’t it?

I don’t buy beets too often, but I was drawn to the lovely pink colour of these ones. I like beets with goat’s cheese, so perhaps I’ll make some a pretty, late-summer salad with them. The tops of this bunch is lovely and fresh, so if I act fast I can make a nice sautée with them, too.

Potatoes are another thing that doesn’t feature on my shopping list very often. Since I stopped eating meat, I don’t really eat “side-dish” potatoes, such as roast or mashed, anymore. I still like them in frittatas though, so I might whip one up later in the week. 

I didn’t buy any fruit today, though I find myself in a jam-making mood today. Inspired by David Lebovitz’s Apricot Jam, I’m hoping to track down some suitable fruit soon. Watch this space!

What’s cooking this week where you are?

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