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Leafy, Flaky Veg

Let’s be clear: the veg is leafy, the croissants are flaky. No, they might not be the healthiest breakfast in the world, but sometimes you just can’t resist their buttery goodness. Or maybe I was just too lazy to make breakfast yesterday.

Luckily, I wasn’t too lazy to head to the farmer’s market. I don’t need a lot of food this week (we’re heading to North America on Friday), so I’m slightly worried I’ve overdone it here. The corn is the only vegetable I’ve got a firm plan for- I’ve got a tasty twist on Succotash in mind. I’m not yet sure which beans, herbs and add-ins I’ll use, but watch this space.

For that gorgeous chard, I’m not sure I need something quite as rich as Dana’s wonderful-looking Chart Tart. But I do love the combination of chard and eggs, so perhaps an omelette is in order?

The tenderstem broccoli will likely go into a favourite pasta of mine: Nigel Slater’s cheesy, creamy, anchovy-y masterpiece. It’s very rich so small portions are necessary, but it’s so good.

After I brought this bushel home and snapped its photo, Andrew and I headed into town for a little pre-holiday shopping. He picked up some clothing and a few books, and I nabbed myself the new Nigella Lawson book (apparently, a day before its UK publication?). In true Nigella tradition, this one is bursting with gorgeous treats and desserts, as well as a lot of meaty recipes which I’ll pretend I don’t see. I probably won’t have time to share any of it with you until I return from holiday, but get ready.

What’s cooking in your kitchen this week?


  1. irene says:

    i love these croissants! yum :)

  2. Luis says:

    My niece used to run a veggie restaurant in Portugal and used to make a succotash timbale (rather than casserole or pie) but added some smoked paprika to it. It was delicious.

  3. Looks lovely! Have a wonderful trip! xo

  4. Laura says:

    Your photographs are to die for!

    Laura (fellow expat living outside London),