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May Day Veg

Yes, May Day has come and gone, but hey- these veg were bought then, so why not? A lot of what you see above is actually cooked and eaten by now (Thursday already! How did that happen?!). I guess May has been a busy month so far, what with my parents’ visit and other commitments. Thankfully, it hasn’t been too busy for market shopping.

That lovely cabbage is almost too pretty to cook, don’t you think? Maybe I’ll make a crunchy coleslaw with it, which would suit my current need for packable-lunches-on-the-go. I’ve been gorging myself on Panzanella lately, but I need to stop soon or I’ll get sick of it. Instead, I might try making a cherry tomato jam, or just roast those tomatoes. I’m definitely open to ideas and recipes, though.

I haven’t done any baking in weeks, but I’m hoping to find some time on the weekend. These Derby Pie Bars look great, but so do these simple tea cookies. Oh, decisions…

What are you up to lately? Cooked anything tasty this week?


  1. Jess says:

    That cabbage is gorgeous! Great picture. As far as the cherry tomatoes go, my favorite favorite favorite thing to do is heat olive oil in a pan with a couple cloves crushed garlic, then throw the tomatoes in and sautee for a few minutes. They get plump and hiss and I let some of them pop while others stay whole. You can toss it with pasta or just serve alongside some grilled lamb. Yum yum!

  2. Juliet says:

    That bread looks really yummy! I would use those tomatoes and make bruschetta with it!
    I recently made a yummy (and super easy) feijoa cake. (Feijoa are a fruit from south america which grow really well here in NZ -they are very aromatic and the taste (i think) is a cross between a guava and a mango). Now i’m wondering if i can use the same recipe but make cupcakes instead? Has anyone else tried this?

  3. Pla says:

    I’ve been stalking your blog for awhile. Finally came out of the shadows to tell you I love this photo!! I would love to blow it up and hang it in my kitchen!!! Thanks for being here.