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More than Four Veg

More than Four Veg

Today is the day my radio interview aired on BBC Radio 4‘s The Food Programme. While I listened to the entire thing with my hands over my ears, alternating tortured groans with cries of “Do I really sound like that?!”, I don’t expect you to. But should you feel like having a listen, the show – on amateur food photography – will be available soon here.

This momentous and embarrassing event meant that I needed to be home by 12:30, so I visited the farmer’s market early this morning. The sun was high and the crowds were thick today, but my mind was on the veg.

This was my first broad bean purchase of 2010, and I was looking forward to it. Last year, I made a Broad Bean, Mint and Lemon “Peasto” that I’m tempted to repeat this week. It sure would taste lovely on a grilled slice of that ciabatta bread. Another option is combining the broad beans and the asparagus; Nigella‘s Pasta Salad Primavera certainly looks tasty.

That green packet bottom right is organic rocket; I love its sharp, peppery flavour in salads and pastas. It’ll likely be the former this week, since I think rocket goes perfectly with the mild, watery crunch of good cucumber.

It isn’t really strawberry season yet, but given my surprisingly good experience a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t resist another punnet. Maybe you can help me decide- strawberry shortcakes or eton mess?

What are you cooking this week? Care to let me in on your grand culinary plans?

More than Four Veg

Oh, and if you’re new to Kitchenist, welcome! (Thanks Radio 4 x)


  1. Chris says:

    Good interview! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your pictures are great week after week and thats hard to keep up. good job!

  2. Dear Ele,

    That was really nice I thought you came over as a great ambassador for ecotarianism.

    I have just sent an email to hand Made Foods in Blackheath I hope that is your shop, to see if we can help spread at least part of the message of eating real food, which is what our mission is too. We are going to launch at the BBC GOOD FOOD show on Wed, and we hope it is going to be a revoultion in helping Foodies get access to where good food can be found. Our Cause is to create a cross between a Google and Wikipedia for really good food and ingredients. The idea being that people who may otherwise be a bit put off by exotic recipes with unfamiliar ingredients will with just one click find out where to get them and thus be encouraged to experiment. Have a look at the site and if you like it please encourage as many good delis and food shops in London to go on and enter their stock. Its free so they really cannot lose !

    Thanks again for helping make such a good programme. Chanel Stevens

  3. I forgot to tell you the site its once its properly launched we will drop off the /uk. Have a look and tell me what you think as I would be very interested, and be my guest to sign up as one of our first Food Detectives !

  4. Hilary says:

    It was great! You sounded exactly like you, in a good way. I found it interesting how they managed to do a whole radio program about photography, which is entirely visual, and still make it interesting and come to life.

  5. Ele says:

    Chris- Ha, thank you! It’s more that I dislike being faced with the extreme Canadian-ness of my accent like that. It came as quite a shock! I probably get extra Canadian when I’m nervous, which I definitely was.

    Chanel- What a wonderful idea for a site! I really identify with your message, and what you’re trying to do here. People are always dropping into my work (yes, Hand Made Food is it, I work there part-time) to ask where they can find this or that. Local honey is a common request, many people all over the UK want to treat allergies with it, apparently! My personal white whale is Israeli cous cous- I can’t seem to track it down anywhere in London!

    Hil- Thanks, but Mum said it didn’t sound exactly like me. Oh, well. I was mainly pleased with it but did feel that some of my best answers were edited out!

  6. Tara says:

    Hi, found my way here after listening to BBC4! LOVE your site! Looking forward to making more vegetarian dishes!

  7. steph says:

    this is wonderful! congrats Ele

  8. bizzilizzi says:

    Like Tara, I came here after listening to the programme – it was excellent and very inspiring – I am constantly looking for something different to cook – I try and grow as much as possible in my tiny, totty, wee veg patch.

    Good luck with everything you do – and trust me, there is nothing wrong with your accent – be proud of your background!!

  9. Terrific interview!
    LOVE your still lifes.
    Really beautiful!

  10. Carol P says:

    Am inspired. Have tried the Thai Pad noodle salad and the cauliflower and chick pea stew. Can’t wait to test out some more veg recipes. Thanks.

  11. Christiane says:

    Oh it was a lovely show and that’s how I came across your wonderful blog! Wil definitely follow it! Great food shots and probably very delicious as well!