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New Season Veg

New Season Veg

Well, it’s official. There have been whisperings about it for weeks now, but I can now confirm: Autumn has arrived! Despite the still-sunny days and mainly-green trees, there’s a crispness in the London air which marks the start of my favourite season. I especially noticed the change at the market today, which was full of shoppers looking for the first of Autumn’s bounty.

I don’t often buy corn, but was thrilled to see it at the market today- it means Autumn has truly arrived. We could be eating this as-is, off the cob and with butter, but I might try doing something more interesting with it. I love cornbread, so maybe a traditional, corn kernel-flecked one is in order? Heidi‘s Firecracker version looks great.

The leeks and potatoes are already gone, simmering together on the stove as I type this. Sunday is fast becoming Soup Day around here, and I thought a Leek and Potato soup was a perfect way to ring in the new season. I’ll be posting my recipe later today or tomorrow at the latest, so check back for it.

Those raspberries were bought for a very specific purpose: hand pies! I made some delicious Bourbon Peach ones from Smitten Kitchen yesterday, and ever since I’ve been itching to try my hand at some other flavours. I thought perhaps some Raspberry Cream Cheese pies wouldn’t go amiss?

What Fall treats are you making this week?


  1. Dana says:

    Beautiful produce! When we lived in London from 2003 to 2004, I thought it was really difficult to find corn. Glad to know you can get such lovely cobs! It has been so warm these past few days, I find I’m still trying to hang on to summer. But our CSA box contained lots of greens, a cabbage (!), and lots of lettuce so I’m trying to come up with lots of green ideas.

  2. MH says:

    raspberries= larger fruit comprised of mini fruits…?

  3. Hilary says:

    Yay for Fall! I bought a small pumpkin the other day and this evening I made handmade tagliatelle with roasted pumpkin, sage, ricotta and smoked cheese. And now I’m exhausted.

  4. Ele says:

    Dana- It’s funny, there wasn’t a lot of corn last year at the market, but this year, every stall seems to be groaning with the stuff! I guess it’s true what they say- corn really is taking over the world! In this lovely raw form though, I won’t complain ;)

    MH- Yes, that is true. I’m still not sure how I feel about these multiple-berries-posing-as-one-large-berry. I will report back!

    Hil- That sounds SO GOOD! Remind me to borrow your pasta maker again sometime. I’m waiting for the first butternut squash at the market!