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(Not Quite) Spring Veg

(Not Quite) Spring Veg

Yesterday was one of those rare winter days that reminds me what I love about England- the springtime. Granted, it’s still a good few months away, but its promise was in the air yesterday, fresh and mild and with a certain undeniable excitement. On the way to the farmer’s market I noticed a) a woman wearing a short dress with bare legs (brave), b) more than the usual number of casual smokers hanging around outside (very brave, considering), and c) a plethora of small children who, for once, did not resemble miniature Michelin men.

Once at the market, things were alive like they haven’t been in weeks; loads of vendors, throngs of shoppers and oodles of veg awaited me. I didn’t have long to linger, as lunch with friends at vegan restaurant Saf awaited me. Still, I found lots of goodies for the week ahead.

You’ll notice there’s only one loaf of bread, and that’s because I’ve decided it’s time to make good on my bread baking resolution and get kneading. The array of onions are for an onion tart I’m considering making later in the week, to be enjoyed with a fresh salad. Leeks are always a favourite, and these ones are destined for a cheesy, leeky version of Welsh rarebit.

I’ve no immediate plans for the pointed cabbage, but the pale green leaves and lovely spring softness made it impossible to resist. This idea of impending spring made me slightly nostalgic for the things that soon enough, will no longer be available. The Crown Prince squash was a last-ditch attempt to enjoy my winter favourites while I still can. I’ll likely have it in a favourite pasta dish, using the fresh sage as well.

What are you looking forward to cooking this week?

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  1. Dana says:

    I’m doing two nights of cooking this week and then am off because of various engagements we have in the evenings. Tomorrow I am attempting a vegan version of Japanese Oden for Tara at Tea & Cookies. A little nervous about that one!