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Well, I’m through the holiday withdrawal and have pretty much re-adapted to my daily life. Back at the freelance photography, setting up work for the next month, and even planning for the next holiday. Food and blogging hasn’t escaped my organizing mood either, so I headed to the market today with big plans for the week ahead.

The broccoli at the market has been looking gorgeous lately, so I bought two heads this week. I’ve got a baking project in mind for one, and with the other am thinking of trying this broccoli salad (minus the bacon, of course).

I’ve recently come around to eggplants/aubergines. Not sure whether it was this pizza recipe or whether it was inevitable, but I’m loving them roasted lately. Andrew isn’t convinced; he saw me arranging this shot and called me a “goddamn aubergine organizer”. I actually like the cute title, and I’m hoping that this Smitten Kitchen recipe will help him to like the veg, too. After all, we do love bruschette.

After a brief time away, leeks are back at the market now. I like summer leeks for their particularly mild taste. Delicious braised with pasta, I might try grilling or roasting these ones. Or who knows- another bruschette recipe, perhaps?

What’s happening in your kitchen this week?


  1. Dana says:

    Ele, I just read through your Amalfi posts. I love how you organized them – breakfast, lunch and dinner. A girl after my own heart. It looks like you had a truly wonderful break and I am so happy for you guys. This is a big cooking week for me. Appetizers for 100 this past Saturday, dinner guest tonight, brother’s birthday dinner on Wednesday and 5 food bloggers coming to stay with me for the IFBC on Friday. I have to have some treats for them, right? I wish you were one of the guests!

  2. Welcome back – love the well organised veggie…and glad you enjoyed Amalfi – off to read the post