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summer veg

Beautiful, no? I think I’ve outdone myself with these summer veg; they’re just so pretty! Though the weather here in London can’t make up its mind, the vegetables are insisting that summer has begun. Yesterday’s trip to the market confirmed this with sunny weather, bright colours and produce galore.

This is the second week I’ve seen the little globe artichokes at the market. I’m a huge artichoke fan but have never been all that adept at cooking them. But this is the year that will change, and I’ve already got one good idea. While buying these babies, I overheard the veg-stall woman talking to another customer about an artichoke pesto. How good does that sound?!

The carrots and red onion will get roasted and tossed with some Israeli cous cous (I finally got my hands on some). This is a salad that I love at work and crave during my days off. Making it at home, and perhaps adding my own Kitchenist spin to it, will help with the separation pangs.

I’m still looking for an ideal radish recipe. I’ve learnt to like their sharp, refreshing taste, but am still searching for the tipping point; the recipe that will make me love them. Nigel Slater’s salad of radish, green onion and fennel has sparked a couple ideas, so watch this space.

The “London bloomer” loaf is destined for toast, sandwiches and the like. Actually, we’ve already enjoyed several slices in my favourite “snacky lunch” of late. Good bread topped with a scraping of butter, some peppery rocket and a couple slices of camembert cheese. Salt, pepper and apply to face- delicious.

What is summer looking like in your kitchen lately?


  1. Mark says:

    where did you find the Israeli cous cous?

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