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Well, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of buying food today, what with eating so much of it yesterday. But I managed to drag myself to the market eventually, and brought Andrew along for moral support. Surprisingly, we managed to do pretty well today, which leads me to think we’ll be eating equally well for the week ahead. If we can find our appetites, that is.

I’ve got two meals planned for the large Savoy cabbage, both from Mark Bittman. The first is a rustic pasta with cannellini beans and parmesan, and the second a Russian dish of sautéed cabbage, tomatoes and sour cream. I’ll only use a few tomatoes for that, so the rest of them might go into a salad or omelette.

I’m sometimes conflicted about carrots: I love buying them, but there aren’t too many ways that I like to cook them. My first instinct is usually soup, but Andrew can only handle so much liquid food. But we both love carrots with Thai flavours, so I’m thinking of ways to liven up this bunch. Maybe roasted with ginger and garlic, or braised with coconut milk, soy and coriander?

The little broccoli is just big enough for the two of us, if I stir-fry it with the red pepper and some other bits and pieces. Over brown rice, it’ll be the perfect fridge clear-out meal. 

What are you cooking this week?

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