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Shop Bought Veg

I didn’t make it to the market yesterday, but luckily I’m not veg-less today. My village has a fantastic farm shop that, while I don’t exactly frequent, I definitely make use of when in a pinch. Though I have to be careful about some origins (those oranges along the wall, for instance- I’m not sure they’re exactly local), the produce is fresh and plentiful and delicious.

I’m in a curry mood of late, and The Kitchn’s recent post on Indian food has only fueled the fire. The potatoes and cauliflower you see are for a first stab at Aloo Gobi, the flavourful Punjabi vegetarian dish. With the spinach, I might even try my hand at Saag Paneer, a yummy spinach-and-cheese combo. If I decide to make my own paneer, I’ll try to take you along for the ride.

The fennel and butternut squash are for a soup recipe sent to me by one of my best friends. Though I’ve never been a fan of fennel (yuck), she insists that this soup is delicious, so I’m willing to give it a go. Look out for the photos and recipe later this week.

What’s happening in your kitchen this week?


  1. Piper says:

    I swear, you make veggies look so good! My husband and I have been in the biggest curry and thai food kick of late. We seriously can’t get enough of it! You’ll have to let us know how the dishes come out. We’re always looking for good curry dishes to make (notice how I say “we” when it’s my hubby who does the cooking?!)