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Summer Veg, Summer Flowers

Yesterday’s trip to the farmer’s market was quick and early. Andrew and I were headed into town for some holiday-related shopping (new Ray-Bans for him, nothing for me save a longing for a pair of Cathy Clubmasters in coral), so my flowers and veg were bought swiftly and efficiently.

For greens, I picked up a pointed English cabbage, a summertime favourite of mine. Whether it’s destined for a slaw or stir-fry, it’ll be a welcome addition to the table this week. A head of broccoli and six small artichokes (I’ll likely serve them on their own, but how decadent does this sound?) complete the week’s green quota.

The red flowers (Zinnias, I think?) came from my regular vegetable stall, and just spoke to me with their bright, graphic blooms. They look lovely with the tomatoes, which are finally appearing at the market in all their glory. I’m thinking of trying this Scalloped Tomatoes dish from Smitten Kitchen with those.

And that pretzel stick (or Laugenstange, if you’re a purist) was my breakfast, nibbled on the train later in the morning. It was absolutely delicious, so don’t be surprised if you see a pretzel recipe on here in the coming weeks.

What’s happening in your kitchen this week?