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Sunday’s Leafy Greens

leafy greens

The Sunday shopping post is fast becoming my favourite of the week. Just look at that luscious leafy-ness! The nice weather has returned to London this week, and with it, the crowds at the farmer’s market. On the menu this week: a couple recipes from around the web, a restaurant-meal hack, an old favourite and a worrying Wildcard. 

Those carrots, celery, onions and leeks will contribute to this lentil stew from Mostly Eating. Sophie is a nutritionist, and her blog is a great place to find healthy recipes and useful information. I also appreciate the focus on local, sustainable food.

The purple sprouting broccoli will go toward a warm “salad” with roasted onions, walnuts and blue cheese. I had this dish several months ago at The Fellow pub in King’s Cross, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. A hack is definitely in order. 

Those plastic containers contain coleslaw and sunblush tomatoes, gourmet sandwich fixings from Hand Made Food. Andrew and I have been on a sandwich kick lately, and I plan to use the tomatoes to make a tangy and versatile spread. Stay tuned for the recipe later this week- it’s fantastic with crackers, cheese, pasta, even in soups and sauces. 

The fennel will be this weeks Wildcard Wednesday, if I can stand to cook it. (I hate the smell, but people seem to love it, so I’m willing to try!)


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  3. MH says:

    I’m iffy on fennel too. That purple broccoli is wild!