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I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things over here, after my internet hiatus of late. The last couple weeks have been full to bursting with work, soul-searching and even a little visit from family. I did manage to get to the farmer’s market on Sunday though, and bought some sustenance for the week ahead. Yes, that makes this post three days late, but to be honest, with everything that’s been going on here lately, I’m impressed I’ve even managed that.

Spring is well and truly here in London, bringing with it sun-filled skies, open windows and new food to enjoy. No asparagus at the market just yet, but I did nab some wild garlic this week. I’ll likely put it into a frittata of sorts, maybe with some new potatoes. I like the look of this recipe, which uses muffin tins to make mini-frittatas. Awesome idea, no?

Speaking of mini, those little tarts made for a delicious lunch on Sunday afternoon, feeding my Mum, Grandma, Andrew and myself alongside some homemade soup. I can’t find a link for the company that sells them, but the flavours were delicious (particularly the Broccoli and Stilton).

I like to have fresh herbs about in the warmer months, and those chives are looking lovely on my countertop right now. Of course, with all the pastas and egg dishes that I could use them in, who knows how long they’ll last. If I can find the time (and energy) I might just tackle this Goat’s Cheese and Chive Gnocchi recipe.

I’m about to make that Savoy cabbage into my lunch, and if successful, I’ll be posting the recipe, a peanut-y Asian slaw, later today.

But enough about me- how have you been?


  1. Sian says:

    I picked some wild garlic last week in Scotland, I made this lovely white bean curry by Skye Gyngell:

    and also a wild garlic risotto and a taglietelle dish (with olive oil, chili flakes and parmesan). It was the first time I’ve tried wild garlic and I’m completely sold-much ‘fresher’ and less bitter than garlic cloves with all the garlic loveliness. The most successful foraging I’ve done (bar blackberries).

  2. sarah says:

    Oh! I have made that gnocchi recipe before. Ant and I formed all the little balls and it was a bit fiddly, but they were so tasty that it was well worth it. A perfect spring dish with some fresh, tender, green vegetable of choice. Let us know how you get on.

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  4. Rainee says:

    I am curious – is this your veg for the entire week? What other things do you supplement it with? I have been a vegetarian for years now, but am new to cooking homemade meals.

  5. Ele says:

    Rainee, awesome question! I’ve often wondered if I’m giving the wrong impression with these market pics…

    The short answer is, yes and no. Sometimes I buy what you see in the pics, and sometimes I buy much more than that- often it depends on my plans for the week, how much food I already have in the house, etc. The photos I take for these posts are highly styled, so often I’ll just pick the prettiest or most interesting-looking things to photograph.

    The things I almost always buy at the market (whether or not they make it into the weekly picture) are: onions, leeks, carrots, herbs, potatoes and eggs. Then I’ll add a couple of greens like kale, cabbage, broccoli, etc.

    There are things that I use regularly but can’t get at the market, either because they’re not grown in the UK (lemons, red pepper, certain chilies) or because they’re not fresh vegetables (pasta, rice, different kinds of dried beans and lentils). I definitely do a weekly shop at the grocery store, too!

  6. Jennifer says:

    It’s great to see that you’re back-I was happy to see a new entry from you today! And I’m glad that you had an awesome time with family!

    I work for a local florist and I’ve started working in the shop three mornings a week. I’m super nervous, because I usually do deliveries, but I don’t back down from a challenge, which is a good thing!

    It’s been beautiful here in the Boston area-we are enjoying the blooming trees and the sunshine.:)