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Thanksgiving Veg

It’s just a regular Sunday around here, but in Canada it’s Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t really have any plans for the occasion, other than a visit to the farmer’s market (check), catching up on Ugly Betty episodes online (check), and doing laundry (working on it). Still, I am thankful for all of those things, except perhaps the laundry.

What I’m not thankful for? Excess celery. This is probably the largest head I’ve ever seen, a annoyance given that I’m only planning on using a stalk or two for some soup. Still, maybe I’ll find some ways to use it up in this Chowhound thread. What I won’t need any help using up are the Brussels sprouts. They’ve only just appeared at the market and oh, how I’ve missed them. I’m thinking I’ll serve this bunch with some pasta, perhaps with some chestnuts as an interesting take on a traditional side dish. Orangette’s Pasta with Hashed Sprouts recipe will be a good place to start.

I think it’s funny to see the aubergine and butternut squash next to each other like that- one at the end of its season and one just beginning. I’ve been loving a good Pasta a la Norma recently, so I’ll likely use the former for a last indulgence. As for the butternut, it will probably go for an autumnal salad: roasted squash, caramelized onions, herbs and tangy goat’s cheese, all tossed with a grain like farro or quinoa. I’ve already used most of the green onions and chives in a delicious and festive scone recipe. I’ll be posting it on Wednesday, so watch this space.

What’s cooking this week where you are? Oh, and if you’re in Canada- Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Ah, Thanksgiving. I miss it, too. And please send me some of that squash and goat cheese salad! I’m sure it’ll post to Australia, right?

  2. Chris says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!! nothing is cooking in our place, but we are on our whorl-wind eating tour of turkey stuffing mashed potatoes squash and pumpkin pie!!

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