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The Return of the Vegetables

veggies and eggs

My veggies and I have been gone from the blog for too long! Over the past two weeks I’ve had a friend visit, been on holiday, entertained my visiting parents, and briefly became convinced that I had swine flu. Turned out to be nothing more than a sore throat that went away after a couple days, but still- it was pretty busy two weeks. 

So you can imagine that I’m pretty happy to get back to my daily routine. I came late to the market party yesterday; sunny weather and new stall-holders combined to make my fellow shoppers more numerous than ever, and there were slim pickings by the time I dragged myself there. Still, I managed to get some basics to plan a couple of meals around. 

The little leeks and most of those eggs have already been put to use, in a salmon, asparagus and dill frittata for yesterday’s brunch. (Stay tuned the for recipe later today.) The larger leek, carrots and celery will go into a reprise of the most incredibly delicious lentil gratin that I made for my parents last week. I know “lentil gratin” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of incredibly delicious, but you’ll be amazed. Seriously. 

The cauliflower isn’t the best we’ve had; a bit dry since it’s past the best time for them. Still, I wanted to make one of our favourite pasta dishes, a cheesy, tomato-y, garlic-y gratin from Jeanne Lemlin, one more time this year. Likewise, the squash won’t be great for eating, but will be just fine for baking. I’m thinking I’ll try a cake version of my Butternut Squash muffins, adapted from Jamie Oliver.  

Thursday is also Andrew’s birthday, and he’s taken the last two days of the week off work. A celebratory baked breakfast is definitely in order; I’m thinking some kind of cinnamon bun, maybe an adaption of my sister’s recipe. So stay tuned for that and other birthday-type (read: delicious and unhealthy) treats at the end of the week. 

What are you making this week?

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  1. MH says:

    Um, a phone call to Nick’s delivery.
    No you have inspired me to get cooking again. One of these days when I’m home before 8 I think I’m going to try one of your recipes! Any weeknight quickie suggestions for one?