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Two Colour Veg

So much for the health diktat of eating produce in a wide variety of colours; today, it seems I was in a red-and-green mood. It’s still a couple months early for Christmas themed posts (and thank God for that), but I thought this two-colour arrangement was quite cute, anyway.

I wasn’t really hungry when I went to the market this morning, still full was I from an Indian curry dinner the night before. Andrew and I caught a showing of the re-released Back to the Future (such an awesome movie!), and followed it up with a meal at a local restaurant. It was delicious and hearty, but apparently not enough to stop me from stocking up on veg today.

Obviously, we’re still doing the corn thing around here. In a couple weeks it will be but a mere memory, so I’m happy to overload on the sweet cobs while I can. This week, I’m intrigued by Nigella Lawson‘s Mexican Lasagne, from her new book Kitchen. Sautéed veg in a spicy tomato sauce, sandwiched between flour tortillas and baked under a layer of cheese, its seems perfect for these ever-shortening days.

I laid off the butternut squash for one week, and bought half a pumpkin instead. I might try a soup with it- both Nigel Slater and Jamie Oliver have yummy-looking recipes. I also have a hankering for gnocchi lately, possibly since I saw this post over at Sparkling Ink. The tomatoes and red pepper will make a nice sauce, and if I have the time, I might even make my own gnocchi.

On the baking front, I’m going to try to fight the urge this week. I’ve got a tupperware full of chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen (you must try this recipe, it’s killer), and I’m heading north to visit my baking-centric sister on Friday, anyway. I may just have to try something using my new vintage muffin tin, though.

What are you cooking up this week?

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  1. Somer says:

    Hi Ele,

    I found your blog and have been doing a Friday themed post, this week was all about “garden or farm fresh” so I included a link to your blog, hope you don’t mind! I really wanted to send you a personal email, but could not find your email address anywhere on your blog! Just wanted to let you know when I click on your about page there is nothing there, perhaps it’s because I am over here is the states??
    Anyways, I enjoy your farmer’s market post and your whole blog, keep up the good work.
    If you want to check me out I am over at