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Upwards Pointing Veg

I did want to post these upwardly mobile (okay, not mobile exactly) veg before Tuesday evening, but I’m still in that just-got-back-from-holiday-and-everything-feels-like-a-whole-lotta-effort place. Jet lag, computer troubles, and even a bit of back-to-school angst (more on that in a later post) have taken their toll around here.

But I did manage to get to the farmer’s market on Sunday, and let me tell you, it looked so teeny and cute and English after the North American ones I’ve been to over the past 10 days. My parents’ market covers probably five times the space, and the huge crowd at Union Square in NYC puts the London shoppers to shame.

But there are good things about my market too- namely, butternut squash! Oh yes siree, that baby is roasting in the oven as I type this, tossed with onion, garlic, chili flakes and chopped sage. I’ll mix in some al dente pasta, a little cooking water and some parmesan cheese, and we’ll be chowing down on a Fall favourite by the time I hit “publish”.

I’m in the mood for soup these days, which is what those gorgeous carrots are for. I’m thinking of trying a take on this recipe from Nigella, which seems like an easy weeknight option since you just roast everything, then wizz it together.

I don’t often buy pears, but they’re at their best right now, and I couldn’t resist these. I’m patiently waiting until they ripen, and when they do, I’ll make a delicious dessert. Jamie Oliver has a recipe for a yummy baked version, while Nigel Slater likes his in a maple syrup-laced cake. Or I could poach them, or put them in muffins! Hmm, maybe I should buy pears more often.

Oh, and the hotel room key? Don’t worry I’m not cooking it, but it was pointing up, too.

How have you been? Making anything nice in the kitchen this week?


  1. kenzie says:

    I had a great weekend at the market, I too found some beautiful butternut squash, I think I might roast it and toss it with some israeli cous cous, and I got some pears. We had a feast of roasted veggies this sunday, I could eat those forever.

  2. Hilary says:

    I’m jealous that you’ve been to the Ottawa Farmers’ Market. I still have never seen it. Mum thinks there’s too much baking/artisanal products/non-produce items there now though.