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Very Veg Sunday

very veg

Oooh, leafy and colourful! I love it. There was lots of great produce to be found at the farmer’s market today, and I’ve got some yummy dishes planned for the upcoming week.

In the summer I like salads more and more. I’m even drawn to green ones this time of year, despite my documented preference for the legume-based kind. Those Little Gem lettuces will make a nice base for a light lunch. The cucumber will probably end up in salads, too, or just serve as something to snack on. I’ve loved cucumbers since I was little, when my Mum used to grow them in the garden.  

The bag of rocket is from a new trader at the market. I can’t recall the name, but it’s a stall that specialises in all kinds of organic salad leaves. I think I’ll make some rocket pesto with this, maybe to serve with some homemade potato gnocci

Who knows what those carrots will end up being- I can never resist a bunch when they’re as pretty as this. A carrot and coriander soup is likely, but a noodle salad or some baking might be on the cards, as well. 

You might have noticed that I’ve doubled my strawberry purchase this week. They’ve well and truly exploded at the market; the stall that first had them last week now has one table devoted entirely to the fruit, and one stall holder to man it full-time. From the  line of people waiting to purchase, nobody was buying just one punnet; two, four, the woman in front of me bought six! So I really wasn’t being that greedy with two, was I? With these, I’m going to try to re-create the strawberry cream cheese danishes I used to love at my part-time job in high school. Other than that, these might become a coulis for a delicous-looking poundcake, or go into my morning smoothies.

I like to buy one non-veg food product at the farmer’s market every week, as a little treat for myself. Sometimes it’s a pudding, sometimes a juice, and sometimes a baked good. This week I let myself buy some fresh soft cheese from Redlay’s Farm. Spiked with peppercorns, I think it’ll make a great snack with some crackers or bread. 

What about you- any interesting foodie plans in the works this week?


  1. MH says:

    Strawberry danish-ii? Somehow I suspect yours will be far tastier than the TH variety.