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And this is what happens…

fly swiss

When he returns to Zürich and downgrades you to plane-freebies-as-souvenirs territory.

Just kidding, Andrew wouldn’t do that to me. When he had to spend another night away in Switzerland this week, I was well rewarded for my evening of loneliness with a mysterious pink box. (Because I was very lonely, see. I wasn’t just eating cupcakes, listening to my music really loudly and, uh, watching Desperate Housewives. No.)

He wouldn’t tell me what was actually in the box, and my limited knowledge of German confectionary vocabulary (that OAC just went in one ear and out the other) didn’t help me out much, either. So there was only one thing to do…

pink box

Wow, looks pretty.

enjoy asap

If you insist. 

box open


macaron paper




macarons 2

macarons 3

macarons 4

*wipes away drool*

I love macarons. Like, love them. The gorgeous colours, the light, chewy cookies, the creamy filling. Yum. I’ve never tried to make them myself, but with souvenirs like this, who needs to?


  1. MH says:

    Ack! Soooo pretty! Macarons are officially the prettiest baked good out there. Question for my little kitchenista guru: what is the filling inside them? I never really take notice when stuffing in my mouth.

  2. steph says:

    i am laughing out loud to myself reading this post. Ele, great blog. i haven’t even gotten through all of your posts yet and i am so looking forward to more :)


  3. Ele says:

    Thanks, Steph! I’m so glad you like it- feel free to offer me any pro photographer tips you might have ;)

  4. Rohini says:

    Hi Ele, Thanks for your link and post on The Beat That My Heart Skipped! I am very familiar with these babies – what a sweetie your boyfriend is for bringing these home!!! My fav is the dark chocolate. Bliss! Rohini x

  5. Ele says:

    Rohini- No problem, I’m loving your blog. I don’t think I got a dark chocolate one- shucks, looks like I’ll have to put in an order for more! ;)