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December round-up

Today brings not only a new month, but a new year! While many of my favourite bloggers are posting 2009 round-ups around now, I think I’ll stick with my old monthly post for continuity’s sake.

It’ll be a short and sweet one, anyway: I didn’t get much blogging done in December. The last month of the year brings so much festivity, stress and general hustle and bustle that anything else- blogging, exercise, sanity- can easily fall by the wayside. I did manage to post a little bit over the past four weeks, so let’s see what went down on my blogs.


Kitchenist was the most active of my blogs in December; no matter how busy you are, you’ve still got to eat!

I often fall back on soup in cold weather, and December was book-ended by them: Pistou Soup to kick the month off and a creamy Brussels sprout one just yesterday. In between was a variety of other foods in the “comfort” category, including a Squash and Kale Tart and some fascinating Root Vegetable Bread Dumplings.

Root Vegetable Dumplings

I managed to find time for sweets, too (don’t I always?), sharing a variation on my favourite brownie recipe. Toward the end of the month I indulged in some festive baking with my sister, making our traditional Christmas Stollen. I contributed the Candied Peel (the secret ingredient, if I do say so myself).

Candied Peel


I ignored Kitchenisms a bit toward the end of the month, but it started off well. My first annual Holiday Gift Guide kicked off the month, and I had a great time rounding up the best of ArtVintage, Practical gifts, Handmade items and Edibles.

Gift Guide: Vintage

Gift Guide: Handmade

Gift Guide: Edibles


Poor Kitchlit didn’t see any action at all in December. Not to worry though; with four new cookbooks as Christmas gifts and some others lined up in wait, it’s sure to pick back up again in 2010.