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February round-up

February was month which brought both good and bad for the Kitchenist Network. I’ve been taking a blogging course (don’t laugh, it’s been awesome) which has provided me with ideas and inspiration for my blogs. Ironically, it’s also been taking my time away from blogging. Throw a new job into the equation, and posting overall has been light. Still, there was some posting going on, so here’s what I got up to in February.


Despite the infrequent posting, February was as tasty as any other month here at Kitchenist. I’ve been keeping up with my resolution to bake more bread, first thinking up a new kind of Banana Bread, and then getting quick and dirty with Nigella’s Lazy Loaf.

Lazy Loaf

I’ve also been finding recipe inspiration in my new workplace. The caterer/traiteur where I work churns out some delicious dishes, and my Beet, J-Choke and Clementine Salad and Celeriac and Apple Soup were both born of ideas I got there.

beet salad

I like to challenge myself and try new things when I can, so this month I did twice. I made my first-ever strata, a delicious number filled with red onion, kale and cheese. Even more adventurous (for me), I whipped up a batch of the most delicious ketchup ever and canned it.



Though not as many as in some months, I’m really pleased with some of my posts on Kitchenisms in February. In terms of featured spaces, I found the good stuff: a breathtaking Swiss Kitchen, the kitchen of a well-known blogger, and an arty and eclectic space from Marie Claire Maison.

swiss kitchen

I also did a couple of larger design round-ups, which I was quite pleased with. Ten Cool Kitchen Storage Ideas was an assignment for my blogging class, and Ways with Wood was my personal ode to a favourite material.

kitchen storage ideas

In terms of products, I had some favourites. The stunning work of UK ceramacist Virgina Graham took my breath away. I was equally chuffed to stumble across the Etsy shop Ninainvorm; Nina’s whimsical plates and teapots are perfectly covetable.

virgina graham


My review blog Kitchlit got a little love in February. I reviewed the UK-published The Thrifty Cookbook by Kate Colquhoun, a handy little book dedicated to reducing waste and saving money by making you a better cook. I gave it three stars, but think that for beginner cooks, it would be worth even more.

The Thrifty Cookbook