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May round-up

May, where did you go? It’s the first day of June and the last month has virtually flown by. I thought I’d take a couple minutes to wrap up the best of the last four weeks. Here’s what’s been happening on my blogs this month. 


May was a month of many delicious recipes here at Kitchenist. My Birthday Sticky Buns got quite a bit of (well-deserved, if I may say) attention. My sister even “stole” the recipe to post on her blog

sticky bun detail

My recipe for Macaroni and Cheese with Green Onions, Chili and Coriander was popular, too. It seems I’m not the only mac & cheese fan out there. 

Toward the end of the month, I took a week’s holiday to go to New York City. Shopping and seeing friend were top of my to-do list, but I managed to eat well, too. See my  New York foodie highlights post for a round-up of posh restaurants, fast food joints, and even a picnic in the park. 


When I got home from holiday I was in a mood for whole grains and posted two farro-licious recipes: a fried “rice” made with shrimp, egg and pancetta, and a tangy summer salad with asparagus, almonds and goat’s cheese



Kitchenisms, my blog of kitchen-related design finds, has really picked up the pace this month. I’m averaging three posts a day Monday to Friday, and am aiming to improve on that. With all the Etsy finds, Flickr photos, cool kitchens and products I’ve been featuring, it’s the fastest-growing of my blogs.


Beautiful kitchens have been been on my mind all month. The above photo, which I love for its vintage-rustic charm, is from the kitchen of Flickr user oneblackbird, but ideas have also come in the form of a chic urban kitchen from Dwell, the kitchens of The Landmark Trust, and a round-up of wallpaper in the kitchen

bowl of batter

Art was another theme of the month around here. I started with this post on some cool made-to-order drawings, and went on the feature artist Mark John‘s hilarous Bowl of Batter print (above). The most delicious-looking find of all, though, was the I Love Biscuits print from Etsy.

green milk pan

I also featured some great consumer products this month. Starting with Ikea’s new PS line, I moved on to talk about Sengware, and enthused over the enamel products at London shop Labour and Wait (pictured above). When I returned from my NYC holiday, I showed you the standout products at the MoMa store, and brought you the eco-goods from my cousin’s Brooklyn kitchen shop, Whisk

I didn’t review too many books for Kitchlit, my cookbook review blog, in May. In fact, I only found the time to do two. (Don’t worry, that will definitely change this month- I’ve got cookbooks-a-plenty on the back burner, waiting to be reviewed.)

blt carrot cake

Of the books I did manage to peruse, though, this one was definitely my favourite. Breakfast, Lunch, Tea is the bookbook written by Rose Carrarini of the famous Rose Bakery in Paris. Full of the bakery’s best-selling recipes, I highly reccommend this book if you’re into baking, French food or even just gorgeous food photography.