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The Best Way: Perfect Beans, Every Time

I have a feeling that after the last couple weeks of inactivity around here, this post will not be much of an olive branch. I can almost hear your indignation: “You don’t post for ages and now you’re telling me how to cook chickpeas!?” I know, it’s a sad state of affairs, isn’t it? Despite me being legitimately busy over the past couple weeks (two terms of school down, one to go!), you’d think I could come up with a recipe that’s more interesting that “boil water; wait”. Read more…

New year, new plans: Steamed Buns with Red Bean Paste

First thing’s first: Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese, or otherwise Lunar New Year-celebrating readers! Now I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t normally celebrate the Chinese New Year- you know, not being Chinese or anything. (Actually, that’s a lie. Three years ago I made some tasty potstickers, but I think that was largely a coincidence.) But I’m feeling pretty “New Year’s-y” lately, and I figured today was as good as any to make and post a favourite Asian treat. Read more…

Helpful and Nostalgic: Succotash with Wild Rice and Tomatoes

Once again, I find myself in a familiar place: deep in cupboard clear-out mode. Andrew and I are jetting off to Canada on Friday (hmm- is Canada somewhere one “jets” to? I think not), and on to New York City several days after that (much more jettable, I’d say), and leaving behind a fridge full of food isn’t an option. When I have several different veggie odds and ends at my disposal, I like to find recipes which use them up together- bizarre mixed salads or extremely creative stir-fries. Or in this case, Succotash. Read more…

A perfect fallback meal: Pasta, Bean and Tuna Salad

pasta, bean and tuna salad

Some of you might be wondering what I’ve been up to lately. Or more importantly, what all that produce in Sunday’s post has been up to. The sad truth is: not a whole lot. I can’t bring myself to feel too bad about it, though. My friend Fiona (she of the shared cheesecake love) is visiting in London for a few days, and I’ve been showing her the town. We’ve been window shopping in Covent Garden, museum hopping in Trafalgar Square, and tomorrow we’ve got a day of antiquing at Portobello market planned. Read more…

More memories: (Not) Trenette al Pesto

trenette one

I’ve been on somewhat of a pesto kick lately. What with my recipe for Stromboli and my Broad Bean Peasto, it’s definitely been appearing in my kitchen more since summer began. I even have a rocket pesto in the fridge right now, which I made earlier today for tonight’s dinner. That fresh herb flavour just seems to go with everything right about now, doesn’t it? Read more…