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Tag: being vegetarian

No Substitutes: Meaty But Not Really Pasta Sauce

Meaty But Not Really Pasta Sauce

Last night, after enjoying a drink at the local pub, Andrew and I stopped in to visit my sister and her boyfriend, both to catch up and see if there were any spare baked goods lying around. (She is a baking blogger, after all.) Naturally, the conversation soon turned to food. Read more…

Greens n’ beans: Swiss Chard with Cannellini Beans

swiss chard and cannellini beans

For a vegetarian, greens and beans are classic meal fixin’s. So is pasta of course, but we’re always being made to feel guilty for eating too much pasta, aren’t we? “It’s just useless carbs and empty calories” I’ll read, or “Once you become a vegetarian you’ll just eat pasta all the time” someone will tell me. Well, given that I’m Italian at heart, I would love to eat pasta every day, but I know better. So when I went veg early last year, I told myself I’d try to put aside those evil, empty carbs and get some greens n’ beans in me instead. At least part of the time. Read more…