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On memories and eavesdropping: Braised Artichoke Pesto

I love artichokes. I am an artichoke girl. To me, artichokes taste like summer: sitting on my parents’ back deck in denim cutoffs, listening to the sounds of the neighborhood (laughing children, birds, the occasional barking dog) and feeling lemony butter dribble down my chin. Which just goes to prove that it’s not always your first memory of something that sticks, because my first taste of artichokes was a world away from that picture. Read more…

By the wayside no more: Soy Braised Carrots

soy braised carrots

I’m gonna come right out and say it: carrots are pretty boring, yes? I mean, I like them and all, and I get that a lot of you probably do, too. Understandable, because there’s a lot about carrots to like: they’re pretty, they’re sweet, and if you believe universal parent-imparted wisdom, they’ll make you see in the dark. Read more…