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Tag: cannellini beans

In times of need: Ribollita

I was recently talking (er, emailing) with a friend back home about how November is second-worst month of the year. Top spot of course goes to January, the harbinger of seemingly-endless dreary weather and a depressing post-holiday funk. But November is right up there; the prettiness of early Autumn is gone, the rain is almost constant, and as my friend put it, “each day is colder and darker than the last”. Yup, that about sums it up. Read more…

Fiddle dee dee: Coconut-Braised Sprouts with Cannellini Beans

Coconut-braised Sprouts with Cannellini Beans

Are you a fiddler? Because I definitely am. No, I’m not coming clean about my ADD or professing some kind of musical gift, rather I’m talking about recipe fiddling. That insatiable urge to tamper, alter or tweak a new recipe into submission, before you’ve even got a chance to know each other. I hear that there are people out there who don’t do this. Have read that some cooks like to make a dish as written, particularly on a first attempt. Are you one of these people? If so, please speak up, because I’m longing to know how on earth you do it. Read more…

Eating in a Winter Wonderland: Triple-Tomato Cabbage and Cannellini Beans

Triple-Tomato Cabbage and Cannellini Beans

In the wee hours of this morning, a simultaneously mundane and exciting event occurred where I love. Mundane to a Canuck like me, but exciting to millions of Londoners who rarely witness such an event. Yup, it snowed. It was just past midnight when Andrew arrived home from a work party; I was asleep, but he saw fit to wake me, knowing that I’d love the sight of huge, fluffy snowflakes being blown horizontally through the village streets by ferocious winds. Read more…

A good fit: Cannellini Bean and Kale Soup

Cannellini Bean and Kale Soup

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon hemming a dress. You’d think that such a simple task wouldn’t take anywhere near that long, particularly when performed by someone who used to spend as much time sewing as I did. During university, I once sewed for approximately 48 hours straight without so much as a ten-minute nap, and I’m pretty sure I got more done than dress hems. (Possibly not, though; the lack of sleep means my memories of this time in my life are fuzzy at best.) Read more…

Greens n’ beans: Swiss Chard with Cannellini Beans

swiss chard and cannellini beans

For a vegetarian, greens and beans are classic meal fixin’s. So is pasta of course, but we’re always being made to feel guilty for eating too much pasta, aren’t we? “It’s just useless carbs and empty calories” I’ll read, or “Once you become a vegetarian you’ll just eat pasta all the time” someone will tell me. Well, given that I’m Italian at heart, I would love to eat pasta every day, but I know better. So when I went veg early last year, I told myself I’d try to put aside those evil, empty carbs and get some greens n’ beans in me instead. At least part of the time. Read more…