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One for the fans: Spaghetti with Chickpeas

My blog has amassed a small collection of what I like to think of as Random Fans. These are people who have been passed a link by a friend or family member of mine (most likely my mother), and who, rather than commenting on my site, refer their praise back to their own original source. So I get a lot of emails like “Your cousin made your chickpea salad and loved it” and “My friend Sarah’s mom made those brownies last week- they were great!”. Read more…

A Day Under the Weather: Lazy Loaf

Lazy Loaf

First off, let me preface this post by making a number of excuses, of the type that my boyfriend warned me never to engage in when I first started this blog. (“Your readers aren’t interested in why you posted late, or not at all- don’t apologise!”) See, I felt fine on Sunday night. Just fine- I’d gone to the farmer’s market, made and bottled some homemade ketchup, re-read the third Harry Potter book for approximately the 8th time in my life, and been over to my sister’s for cake. Read more…

Sweet but not treat: Homemade Sunblushed Tomatoes

sunblushed tomatoes

My sister sent me an email this morning. It went something like “I thought you told me you’d made some cupcakes! When are they going on the blog? You need to post more sweet things because I don’t eat salads!” Er, okay. Sorry to disappoint you Hil, but I wasn’t planning on posting those cupcakes anytime soon; they weren’t my own recipe, or adapted in any way at all, so off the blog they’ll stay. (They were delicious, though. Smitten Kitchen‘s Best Birthday Cake, quartered, exactly fills my favourite Tefal Jamie Oliver 6-muffin pan.) Read more…

A perfect fallback meal: Pasta, Bean and Tuna Salad

pasta, bean and tuna salad

Some of you might be wondering what I’ve been up to lately. Or more importantly, what all that produce in Sunday’s post has been up to. The sad truth is: not a whole lot. I can’t bring myself to feel too bad about it, though. My friend Fiona (she of the shared cheesecake love) is visiting in London for a few days, and I’ve been showing her the town. We’ve been window shopping in Covent Garden, museum hopping in Trafalgar Square, and tomorrow we’ve got a day of antiquing at Portobello market planned. Read more…