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An Affair to Remember: Lentil and Spinach Salad with Pan-fried Asparagus, Paneer and Coriander Dressing

Lentil and Spinach Salad with Pan-fried Asparagus, Paneer and Coriander Dressing

Much is made in the UK of curry being our national dish. Open the menu at any local pub, scan the contents page of a British food magazine, or switch on Saturday Kitchen and you’ll soon get the idea: we’re one curry-lovin’ nation. For my own part, I definitely eat more Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi-inspired foods than I did when I lived in Canada. In fact, good Indian food is one of the few things I miss sorely whenever I’m back home for an extended period of time. (When I’m here I miss Thai and Japanese foods- go figure.) Read more…

Neither here nor there: Mejadar-ish


This is the post that nearly wasn’t. My quest to make this dish sent me on a wild goose chase across London, causing unforetold amounts of stress and frustration, and almost resulting in no dish at all. Read more…

No Substitutes: Meaty But Not Really Pasta Sauce

Meaty But Not Really Pasta Sauce

Last night, after enjoying a drink at the local pub, Andrew and I stopped in to visit my sister and her boyfriend, both to catch up and see if there were any spare baked goods lying around. (She is a baking blogger, after all.) Naturally, the conversation soon turned to food. Read more…

A big bowl of delicious: Lentil, Onion and Goat’s Cheese Salad

lentil salad

I’ve got a question: is it possible for something to be your “favourite” if you’ve only had it once? I mean, the word favourite generally implies a lengthy relationship, doesn’t it? If it is possible, though, I’ll say this: this is my favourite lentil salad. Favourite despite the fact that I’ve only just made it for the first time, and probably don’t have that many other lentil salads to compare it to. What I mean is: this is really, really good. Read more…