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Bagged Bread, Bagged Veg

You know what they like to say about the weather in Britain? “If you don’t like it, wait five minutes.” Both fortunately and unfortunately, this statement rings true; fortunate in that a violent rain shower might blow over in a matter of minutes, and unfortunate in that when you wake up to a gorgeous, sunny sky, it might be gone by the time you’re dressed and ready to enjoy it. Such was the case this morning. It was sunny and clear when I got out of bed, but overcast and preposterously windy by the time I made it to the market an hour later. Still, at least it wasn’t cold, and I can be grateful for small mercies. Read more…

Lots o’ Leaves Veg

Lots o' Leaves Veg

After missing my farmer’s market trip for the past two weeks, I was itching to get going yesterday morning. Either the market has become exponentially more popular over the past two weeks, or I’m not used to shopping there so early, but it was packed. I had to queue at nearly every stall, but with the sun shining and produce to buy, I have to say that it didn’t bother me much. Read more…

Shop Bought Veg

Shop Bought Veg

I didn’t make it to the market yesterday, but luckily I’m not veg-less today. My village has a fantastic farm shop that, while I don’t exactly frequent, I definitely make use of when in a pinch. Though I have to be careful about some origins (those oranges along the wall, for instance- I’m not sure they’re exactly local), the produce is fresh and plentiful and delicious. Read more…

Absconding Veg

Absconding Veg

Today’s photoshoot was delayed for approximately ten minutes on account of a search for a missing onion. Yes, you read that correctly- my veg are running for their lives. Read more…

Short on Time But Not Short on Veg

Short on Time Veg

I didn’t get this posted yesterday, as I was a bit short on time over the weekend. Clearly not a short on produce, though, because I bought the lovely bunch of veg above for meals this week. Read more…

Lazy Day Veg


Today was one of those rare Sundays that didn’t revolve around food. Instead of baking and recipe-planning this afternoon, I spent several hours lazing on the heath with Andrew. Reading my new Living etc with the sun on my face, I admit- cooking was the last thing on my mind. Good thing I got to the market before that, and did a bit of shopping for the week ahead. Read more…